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Dr. Arlo & Jane Moehlenpah
Arlo and his wife Jane were furlough replacements for me in High Wycombe, England and the church was really blessed to be able to have them. Bro. Moehlenpah is a wonderful bible teacher.
Dr. Arlo Moehlenpah graduated from Apostolic Bible Institute, going on to accomplish his Masters and Doctorate degrees, and has taught in Bible Colleges for over 40 years, as well as in secular universities. Having authored books such as Creation vs Evolution, Teaching with Variety and Manage Your Money or it will Manage You, he is a tremendous asset to CSTI. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the students. Dr. Moehlenpah and his wife, Jane, host the ministry Doing Good Ministries, found at ''.

 Cathedral in Havana, Cuba
Cuba Lifts Bible Ban, Could Revival Follow?
After nearly half a century of outlawing God's Word, something incredible may be on the horizon for Cuba.

by Editor George Duke
NO but Christ can! He sometimes allows men to be used as an instrument when he allows one to come back to life. In 1966 I travelled toEnglandwhere I attempted to start a church. In my service inRushden,Englanda Sister Barker came to seek for the Holy Ghost baptism. While praying for her she fell flat on the floor and did not get back up. I was shocked and knelt down and felt for a pulse or breath. She had neither. Her husband looked at me and said she was only given a few weeks to live months ago. I stood beside her in shock and in my mind I thought what will I tell the police? We were praying for her and she keeled over and died! I then began to pray and I kept repeating “Lord Jesus what am I going to do?” All of a sudden the voice of God spoke to me and said lay your hands on her and pray for her. I laid my hands on her and prayed for her in Jesus name. She rose up suddenly and began to pray and then she began to speak in tongues as the Spirit of God gave the utterance. We were all shocked and amazed and began to thank God. Her husband’s eyes widened and he kept walking around her in amazement. Then he looked at me and said I am going to get that. On Wednesday night he came to our prayer meeting in my home, walked into the room and started praying. We gathered around him to pray with him and encourage him to receive the Holy Ghost baptism. Suddenly he began to speak in another language. I DID NOT FEEL ANYTHING? I looked at Carol and said in a whisper, do you feel anything? She said No! All of a sudden Brother Barker stopped praying, looked at me with a proud look on his face and a big I got it grin. I looked at him and asked, “ Brother Barker do you know another language?” His grin faded and he bowed his head and nodded yes. I asked what language do you speak? He replied Arabic. I looked at him and said brother Barker you were praying in Arabic that was not the Holy Ghost. Well after a long talk with Brother Barker, on the following Sunday he did receive the real experience of the Holy Ghost. He spoke in other tongues as the Spirit of God gave the utterance.
Did I raise her from the dead? NO JESUS DID I was only the Donkey that he used at that moment.
The above article was in response to the following article on the Christian Today Newssite
Christian evangelists claim to have brought dead back to life through prayer 

Have you read my online book Guns2thegospel? You can read it here just click on the menu.

Hello to all my friends new and old. Thank you for your support of my website World Christian News . I wanted to post this article I wrote a long time ago and hope it might be a blessing. As most of you may or may not know I was a Missionary to Great Britain for 13 years and was blessed by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to pioneer 5 works there. I also was blessed by The Lord to pioneer the church in Galveston, Texas and later to Pastor in Fort Walton Beach, Fl. During these years The Lord taught me a lot. One was that if it's not in the word leave it alone even if another Apostolic Pastor preaches it. How many Pharisee's have been created by preachers that meant well. How can one know truth?
I have been in the Apostolic Truth now for many years dating back to 1963. I sought for a fuller illumination on the Baptism and also the Godhead. God revealed the truth by his word written and spoken. I also found that by study of the Scriptures I was able to come into a fuller understanding of biblical terminology. I also decided to attend Texas Bible College to further my biblical education in which I received a bachelors degree. I learned 2 things in bible college. One not all that you are taught is true? Two a lot that you are taught is true. Does that make sense to you? Well truth is determined by the one that is doing the teaching. Jesus Christ was the greatest teacher that ever lived. In order to be a great bible teacher one must know Jesus Christ and also be learned. Many teachers have Jesus Christ but may not be learned, while others may be learned but not have Jesus Christ. Since beginning my World Christian News website and making written statements on Facebook I have found that both of these prior statements are very factual. I note that there are men that Pastor Apostolic churches that do not appear to be learned. How can a man be a Pastor or Minister and be ignorant. Many of these men misinterpret the written word of God because they are unlearned. Then they teach others and spread their ideas that do not abide by the truth in scripture. The Apostle Paul in 2 Timothy 2:15 Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.


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Grace Christian Fellowship
16651 NE 79th St, Redmond, WA 98052
Phone: 425-558-9600
   Mark & Kim Batson
Pastor Mark & Kim Batson

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Goodway Pentecostal Church of the Lord Jesus Christ – Atmore – - B. McCorkel – 251.862.2398

Little Rock Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ – Atmore – H. Kent – 256.862.2444

Lott Road Church of Jesus Christ – Chunchula – J. Cobb – 251.866.2444

First Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ – Flomaton – J. Colley – 850.293.6278

El Bethel House of Prayer – Georgiana – W. Majors – 251.391.8444

Living Word Apostolic Church – Gordo – R. Knight – 205.364.1234

First Pentecostal Church – Hoopersville – R. Hughes – 205.238.4107

Bethel Apostolic Church – Huntsville – D. Brown – 256.885.3784

Sion Tabernacle of Prayer – Huntsville – D Jones – 256.489.1584

New Jerusalem Apostolic Church – Leeds – J. Smith – 205.383.5614

Westside Tabernacle – Loxley – P. Melton – 251.964.4395

Church of the Lord Jesus Christ – Theodore – G. Capps – 251.653.4472


Arizona District of the United Pentecostal Church

APACHE JUNCTION Lighthouse Church-UPCI-Apache Junction

AVONDALE New Hope for this Generation! - Avondale

DESERT SANDS Desert Springs Worship Center - Pentecostal Church of God - Desert Sands

GILBERT Morning Star Apostolic Church International-Gilbert

GLENSDALE Apostolic Soul's Harbor - Glendale

Christ Temple-UPCI-Glendale

KINGSMAN Victory Life Tabernacle-UPCI-Kingman

MESA New Life Bible Church - UPC - Mesa

Shield of Faith Christian Center-Mesa

Temple of the Redeemer Apostolic Church-Mesa

Gethsemane Park Apostolic Church-Mesa

Courts of Praise-UPCI-Mesa

OTTAWA VALLEY Emmanuel Lighthouse United Pentecostal Church

PAYSON Payson United Pentecostal Church - Payson

PHOENIX Phoenix Pentecostal Church - Christ Temple UPCI -North Phoenix/Glendale

Phoenix Revival Center - Phoenix

PARKER New Life Tabernacle Parker, AZ

Parker Apostolic Church-AAFJC-Parker

Phoenix Revival Center - Phoenix

The Glory of the Almighty Tabernacle - Phoenix

Phoenix First Apostolic Church of Arizona - Phoenix

First Pentecostal Church-Phoenix

Pentecostals of Phoenix-UPCI-Phoenix

QUEEN CREEK Life Outreach Ministries-UPCI-Queen Creek

SURPRISE Surprise Apostolic Church - Surprise

God's Glory Apostolic Church-Surprise

TUCSON New Life Pentecostal Church of Tucson



Bylas Holiness Church – Bylas – B. Grant – 928.475.2970

Apostolic Soul’s Harbor – Glendale – L.E. Devenport – 623.582.3736

Haven of Rest Apostolic Fellowship – Mesa – M. Strahan – 480.830.1893

Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ – Tucson – C.W. Stevens – 520.883.1530


BATESVILLE First Church (UPCI)-Batesville

BEARDON Lighthouse of Hope-Beardon

BEEBE Lighthouse Pentecostal Jesus Name Church-Beebe

BENTONVILLE Calvary Tabernacle UPC-Bentonville

BRYANT Bryant First Pentecostal Church - Bryant

DARDENELLE Apostolic Lighthouse UPC-Dardenelle

EL DORADO Apostolic Gospel-UPC-El Dorado

EL DORADO First Church of El Dorado - El Dorado

FOREST CITY First Pentecostal Church-UPCI-Forest City

FORDYCE Fordyce United Pentecostal Church - Fordyce

FORT SMITH Northside United Pentecostal Church-Fort Smith

HAZEN The Apostolic Tabernacle of Hazen - Hazen

HOT SPRINGS New Beginning Apostolic Church-Hot Springs

JACKSONVILLE New Hope Apostolic Tabernacle-UPCI-Jacksonville

JONESBORO Calvary United Pentecostal Church-UPCI-Jonesboro

JONESBORO Jonesboro Worship Center-UPCI-Jonesboro

LINCOLN The Sanctuary of Lincoln - Lincoln

LAWSON Lawson Pentecostal Church - Lawson

LITTLE ROCK Christian Life Center-UPCI-Little Rock

LITTLE ROCK Word Aflame Fellowship-UPCI-Little Rock

MAGNOLIA Pentecostals of Magnolia,- Magnolia

MOUNTAIN HOME Apostolic Faith United Pentecostal Church-UPCI-Mountain Home

MOUNTAIN HOME First Apostolic Church - Mountain Home

NORPHLET Norphlet United Pentecostal Church - Norphlet

N LITTLE ROCK Pershing United Pentecostal Church-UPCI-North Little Rock

N LITTLE ROCK The Apostolic Church-UPCI-North Little Rock

PARAGOULD Peace Tabernacle Apostolic Church (ALJC)- Paragould

PEARCY Apostolic Faith Tabernacle-UPCI-Pearcy

PINE BLUFF Calvary's Lighthouse(ALJC)- Pine Bluff

PINE BLUFF White Hall United Pentecostal Church-UPCI-Pine Bluff

PLAINVIEW Plainview Jesus Name Pentecostal Church - Plainview

RECTOR New Life Christian Center-UPCI-Rector

ROGERS United Pentecostal Church-UPCI-Rogers

ROGERS New Life Apostolic Church(ALJC) - Rogers

RUSSELVILLE First United Pentecostal Church-UPCI-Russelville

SEARCY Revival United Pentecostal Church-UPCI-Searcy

SMACKOVER First Apostolic Church Of Jesus Christ-Smackover

WEST FORK White River UPC-UPCI-West Fork



Tabernacle of Faith – McGehee – J. Hill – 870.267.3222

Bethel Church of the Lord Jesus Christ – Osceola – B. Tidwell – 870.563.2079

Peace Tabernacle Apostolic Church - Paragould – B. Snow – 870.239.3139

Christian New Life Center Apostolic Church – Searcy – L. Davidson – 501.827.2565

Jesus Name Pentecostal Assembly – Springdale – J. Brown – 479.236.1272

New Beginnings Fellowship Center – Star City – R. Harrison - 870.628.9589

Cornerstone Apostolic Church – White Hall – 870.534.1719


ANCHORAGE Anchorage Pentecostal Tabernacle (UPC) - Anchorage

ANCHORAGE Greater Anchorage Pentecostal Church-Anchorage

ANCHORAGE The Journey Church of Anchorage-Anchorage

BETHEL Bethel United Pentecostal Church-Bethel

BETHEL UPC Bethel-Bethel

FAIRBANKS First United Pentecostal Church-Fairbanks

JUNEAU United Pentecostal Church of Juneau - Juneau

KODIAK Kodiak United Pentecostal Church-Kodiak

VALDEZ Valdez Apostolic Church-Valdez

WASILLA Apostolic Worship Center - Wasilla

Yukon United Pentecostal Church, Intl.



ANAHEIM Word of Faith Pentecostal Church - Anaheim

BAKERSFIELD Emmanuel Temple Church (PAW) - Bakersfield

New Life Apostolic Church (AAFCJ) - Bakersfield

BAY POINT United Pentecostal Church of Pittsburg (UPCI) - Bay Point

BENICIA United Pentecostal Church (UPCI) - Benicia

CARSON Peace Apostolic Church (PAW)- Carson

CALEXICO Asamblea Apostolica de la Fe en Cristo Jesus (AAFCJ) - Calexico

CAMPBELL No Greater Love Temple (PAW) - Campbell

CARSON Peace Apostolic Church (PAW) - Carson

CHATSWORTH The Ark (AWCF) - Chatsworth

CHULA VISTA Hilltop Tabernacle (UPCI) - Chula Vista

Iglesia Palabra Viva (UPCI) - Chula Vista

Lighthouse Christian Fellowship (AAFCJ) - Chula Vista

South Bay Pentecostal Church (UPCI) - Chula Vista

COALINGA New Life Tabernacle (UPCI) - Coalinga

CULVER CITY Asamblea Apostσlica de la Fe en Cristo Jesϊs (AAFCJ) - Culver City

DESERT HOT SPRINGS United pentecostal Church (UPCI) - Desert Hot Springs

DOWNEY Downey Apostolic Lighthouse (UPCI) - Downey

EAST PALMDALE Antelope Valley UPC (UPCI) - East Palmdale

EL CAJON New Life Center (UPCI) - El Cajon

EL CENTRO Central Apostolic Tabernacle - El Centro

EL MONTE The United Pentecostal Church of El Monte (UPCI) - El Monte

ESCONDIDO 1st Apostolic church of Escondido (AAFCJ) - Escondido

FALLBROOK Fallbrook Apostolic Assembly (AAFCJ) - Fallbrook

FONTANA Fountain of Truth Church (AAFCJ) - Fontana

FRESNO Apostolic Revival Center (AGA) - Fresno

Bethesda Apostolic Church (PAW) Fresno

GRASS VALLEY Truth Worship Center (UPCI) - Grass Valley

GILROY Gilroy Apostolic Church (AAFCJ) - Gilroy

GARDEN GROVE True Jesus Church International - Garden Grove

HANFORD Team Home Missions (UPCI) - Hanford

LAGUNA HILLS Spirit & Truth Lighthouse-Laguna Hills

LAKEWOOD The Vine (AAFCJ) - Lakewood

LANCASTER Pentecostals of Antelope Valley (ALJC) - Lancaster

Living Word Worship Center (UPC) - Lancaster

LEMON GROVE North Park Apostolic Church - Lemon Grove

LEMOORE Lily of the Valley - Lemoore

LIVERMORE Crossroads Church (UPCI) - Livermore

LOOMIS Lighthouse Christian Center (UPCI) - Loomis

LOS ANGELES Apostolic Faith Home Assembly (PAW) - Los Angeles

Miracle Center Apostolic Community Church (PAW) - Los Angeles

Miracle Center Apostolic Community Church - Los Angeles

LYNWOOD Emmanuel Temple Apostolic Church (PAW) - Lynwood

MANTECA Tabernacle of Praise (UPCI) - Manteca

MARYSVILLE First Apostolic Church (ALJC) - Marysville

MECCA Mecca Apostolic Assembly (AAFCJ) - Mecca

MODESTO Apostolic Jubilee Center (AAFCJ) - Modesto

MORENO VALLEY Strong Tower Apostolic Community Church (PAW) - Moreno Valley

NORCO Apostolic Tabernacle (UPCI) - Norco

OAKDALE Truth Tabernacle of Oakdale (UPCI) - Oakdale

OAKLAND Christian Apostolic Stedfast House Of Prayer (PAW) - Oakland

OCEAN BEACH New Life Christian Chapel (ALJC) - Ocean Beach

OCEANSIDE Fountain of Praise (AAFCJ) - Oceanside

Revelation Church, 410 El Camimo Real, Oceanside, Ca 92058 Pastor Francisco Cacho Tel 760.458.1052

OLD ORCUTT Revival Tabernacle (UPCI) - Old Orcutt

ORANGE The Pentecostals of Orange County (UPCI) - Orange

Spirit & Truth Worship Center (UPCI) - Orange

OXNARD B'nai Moshiach Apostolic Church (PAW) - Oxnard

United Pentecostal Church (UPCI) - Oxnard

PASADENA Shield of Faith Pasadena (SFFCI) - Pasadena

PALMDALE Rushing Wind Worship Center (UPCI) Palmdale

PERRIS Calvary Apostolic Church (UPCI) - Perris

PETALUMA Calvary Life Church Ministries - Petaluma

PITTSBURG United Pentecostal Church of Pittsburg

PLEASANTON The Pentecostals of Pleasanton-Pleasanton

POMONA Shield Of Faith Christian Center Of Pomona (PAW) - Pomona

POWAY Family Life Christian Fellowship (UPCI) - Poway

QUARTZ HILL Pentecostals of Antelope Valley (ALJC) - Quartz Hill

REDLANDS United Pentecostal Church of Redlands

REDWOOD CITY Tabernacle of Praise (UPCI) Redwood City

RIALTO Inland Lighthouse Church (UPCI) - Rialto

RICHMOND Life Church (UPCI) - Richmond

RIO LINDA The Church of Rio Linda (ALJC) - Rio Linda

RIVERSIDE Mission Worship Center (UPCI) - Riverside

SACREMENTO Calvary Evangelism Center (UPCI) - Sacramento

SALINAS Primera Iglesia Apostolica De Salinas (AAFCJ) - Salinas

SAN BERNARDINO Gateway Christian Fellowship - San Bernardino

SAN DIEGO Temple of Praise & Deliverance Center 415 N. Euclid Ave. San Diego

The Anchor (UPCI) - San Diego

Immanuel Temple Apostolic Church (PAW) - San Diego

North Park Apostolic Church - San Diego

Word For Life Ministries - San Diego

SAN FRANCISCO Abounding Grace at San Francisco (UPCI) - San Francisco

Calvary Apostolic Church (PAW) - San Francisco

SAN JOSE Bible Way Christian Center (BWCWW) - San Jose

Bethesda Community Church (PAW) - San Jose

Central Apostolic San Josι (AAFCJ) - San Jose

East Valley United Pentecostal Church (UPCI) - San Jose

New Life Fellowship Center-San Jose

Bethesda Community Church (PAW) - San Jose

SAN LORENZO Lighthouse Worship Center (UPCI) - San Lorenzo

SAN LUIS OBISPO New Life Ministries of San Luis Obispo (UPCI) - San Luis Obispo

San Luis Apostolic Church (AAFCJ) - San Luis Obispo

SAN MARCOS The City of Refuge (AGA) - San Marcos

Calvary Temple (AAFCJ) - San Marcos

SAN MATEO Greater Life Ministries (UPCI) - San Mateo

SANTA ANA Christain Tabernacle Church - Santa Ana

SANTA MARIA Santa Maria Apostolic Church (AAFCJ) - Santa Maria

SEELEY Seeley Apostolic Mission (AAFCJ) - Seeley

SPRING VALLEY Voices of Victory - Spring Valley

STOCKTON Christian Life Center (UPCI) - Stockton

Christ Temple Apostolic Faith - Stockton

Cornerstone Community Church (UPCI) -Central Stockton

TARRYTOWN Westchester Apostolic Church - Tarrytown

TEMECULA True Vine Pentecostal Church (UPCI) - Temecula

THOUSAND OAKS Faith Tabernacle - Thousand Oaks

TORRANCE Bayside Apostolic Center (UPCI) - Torrance

TURLOCK Turlock Christian Life Center (UPCI) - Turlock

TWENTY9 PALMS Twentynine Palms Apostolic Ministries (AIPN) - Twentynine Palms

Two Mile Apostolic Tabernacle (UPCI) - Twentynine Palms

UNION CITY Union City Apostolic Church - Union City

VACAVILLE Life Tabernacle-SonRise Worship Center Vacaville

Cornerstone Apostolic Church (ALJC) - Vacaville

VICTORVILLE Greater Victory World Outreach (SFFCI) - Victorville

VISALIA Christian Worship Center (AGA) - Visalia

Pentecostal Lighthouse (UPCI) - Visalia

WEST FORK White River UPC (UPCI) - West Fork

WHITTIER Family Life Center - Whittier

New Life Fellowship (AGA) - Whittier

WOODLAND New Life Worship Center (UPCI) - Woodland



Jesus Name Lighthouse – Antelope – J. Champlain – 916.721.3651

The Apostolic Church – Bakersfield – G. Hoss – 661.589.4499

New Life Church – Chowchilla – R. Teel - 559.846.7703

Apostolic Gospel Church of Dinuba – Dinuba – I. Hernandez – 559.591.3480

The Pentecostals of Fallbrook – Fallbrook – D. Beverson – 760.451.0567

Spirit of Deliverance – Fresno – D. Apodaca – 559.237.9883

First Apostolic Church - Marysville – A. Stewart - 530.370.0411

New Life Christian Chapel – Ocean Beach – T.McNearny – 619.222.1224

Bible Tabernacle Ministries – Perris – R. Block – 951.943.1417

Apostolic Reaching Ministry – Porterville – C. Landry – 559.350.3959

Harvest Valley Center of the Lord Jesus Christ - Porterville – L. Ritchie – 559.782.1729

Jesus Name Apostolic Church – Redding – M. Brown – 530.365.1711

Redding Apostolic Fellowship – Redding – R. Adair – 530.276.1317

The Church of Rio Linda – Rio Linda – J./B. Royer – 916.991.6766

First Apostolic – San Leandro – C. Torre – 510.569.6051

The Cornerstone Church – Vacaville – J. Stoops - 707.451.7304

Cornerstone Apostolic Church – Visalia – D. Hyler - 559.635.9936

Soul’s Harbor – Visalia – C. Troutt – 559.592.5488

True Life Worship Center – Visalia – F. Requejo – 559.739.7241


AURORA Christ's Church Apostolic - Aurora

COLORADO SPRINGS Fountain Springs Community Church - Colorado Springs, CO

Univesal Ministries of Truth united Pentecostal Church - Colorado Springs

DENVER Landmark Tabernacle Online - Denver

Apostolic Faith Tabernacle - Westminster/Denver

Calvary Apostolic Church - Denver

Lovingway United Pentecostal Church (UPC) - Denver

House of Worship United Pentecostal Church - Denver

LOVELAND Calvary Apostolic Church (UPC) - Loveland



Elim Tabernacle of Christ – Longmont – C. Yeomans – 303.444.4110


BRIDGEPORT Bridgeport Apostolic Church - Bridgeport

BRISTOL Heritage United Pentecostal Church - Bristol

ENFIELD The Apostolic Church of Enfield - Enfield

MANCHESTER Faith Tabernacle (UPCI) Manchester

MIDDLETON Middletown UPC - Middletown

MILFORD Milford - Apostolic Life Tabernacle (UPCI) Milford

NER BRITAIN United Pentecostal Church of New Britain (UPCI) New Britain

NEW HAVEN Beulah Heights First Pentecostal Church - New Haven

Ebenezer Chapel - New Haven

NEW LONDON Apostolic Lighthouse UPC (UPCI) New London

SOUTH WINDSOR The Pentecostals (UPCI) South Windsor

THOMPSON Acts II Ministries (UPCI) Thompson

TORRINGTON First Pentecostal Church of Torrington (UPCI) Torrington

WALLINGFORD Calvary UPC - Wallingford

WINDSOR The Pentecostals of South Windsor- Windsor



Jesus Name Apostolic Center – Jewett City – G. Miller – 860.546.0406


WILMINGTON New Destiny Fellowship UPC - Wilmington



Jimmy K. Mitchell Physical address: 6720 Mobile Hwy, Pensacola, FL, 32526-8030 Tel 850-434-6310

Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ-COOLJC-Riviera


Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ – Bartow – B. Tummond – 863.533.2623

Springs of Life Church – Clermont – J. Waxler – 352.243.7684

Apostolic Assembly of Jesus Christ International – Cottondale – E. Burns – 850.579.4281

Apostolic Life Tabernacle – Crestview – M. Braswell – 850.680.2422

River of Life Church – Dade City – J. Matinzi - 517.914.3086

New Testament Bible Ministries – Defuniak Springs – L. Adams – 850.892.7754

Apostolic Lighthouse Church Jesus Christ – Dundee – E. Watson – 863.439.7530

New Life Apostolic Church – Immokalee – P. Getter – 239.643.5433

Family Life Fellowship – Jacksonville – J. Dean – 904.476.3718

Greater Faith Apostolic Church – Lake Placid – T. Vanderford – 239.671.0390

The Pentecostals of Lake Wales – Lake Wales – S. Reed – 863.678.3961

Oneness Pentecostal Lighthouse – Lehigh Acres – S. Davis – 239.369.8155

New Testement Church of Milton - Milton – B. Wiley – 850.623.5933

Life Church - Mount Dora – D. Graham – 352.383.1238

New Life Apostolic Church – Naples – P. Getter - 239.289.9279

The Lifeway Church – Palm Bay – A. McClean – 321.220.8160

Apostolic Gateway of Panama City – Panama City – K. Noles – 850.896.9104

Pine Forest Pentecostal Church – Pensacola – H. Godwin – 850.944.2393

Grace Tabernacle - Plant City – P. Cain - 813.763.4867

Independent Pentecostal Church - Punta Gorda – M. Scroggins – 941.445.8761

Family Worship Center – Sarasota – M. Shelby – 941.359.3400

First Pentecostal Tabernacle – Tampa – W./S. Autrey – 813.626.2090

High Point Church - Valrico – F. Goldsberry – 813.685.4827

Cornerstone Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ – Vero Beach – A. Velie – 772.473.8400

Wahneta Tabernacle of Praise – Wahneta – R. A. Owens – 863.401.5069

First Pentecostal Church – Wewahitchka – V. Ethridge – 850.896.6349



LAGRANGE The Pentecostal Church 19 Priscilla Dr, Lagrange, GA 30241 Phone: 706-882-3673
LITHIA SPRINGS Atlanta West Pentecostal Church (UPC) - Lithia Springs

NEWNAN TABERNACLE OF PRAYER 233 B&C Jefferson St, Newnan, GA, 30263 TEL 770-927-3090

Iglesia Apostolica Pentecostal UPCI 10 Morningside Dr, Newnan, GA, 30263-5714 TEL 678-480-4569

ROME First Apostolic Church of Rome (ALJC)


Apostolic Lighthouse – Aragon- G. Folds – 770.445.0644

The Rock – Blairsville – B. Dotson - 706.745.7625

Crawford Pentecostal Church – Crawford – D. Wineinger – 706.743.3433

Ambassadors Church of the Lord Jesus Christ – Dublin – P. Hightower – 478.278.5462

Forsyth Apostolic Church – Forsyth – M. / J. Causey – 478.994.3456

Greater Augusta Apostolic Church - Grovetown- T. Newsome – 706.863.2285

Apostolic Church of the Lord Jesus Christ – Helena – H. Crowe – 229.868.2579

Monroe Apostolic Church – Monroe – N. Carrell – 770.267.3738

First Apostolic Church of Rome – Rome – G. Livingston – 706.235.9551

New Life Apostolic Church – Watkinsville – T. Hammond – 706.769.8932

Apostolic Church of Winder – Winder – T. Baker – 770.867.6343


KAILUA The Rock Kailua United Pentecostal Church - Kailua

KAILUA KONA Legacy Church - Kailua Kona

MILILANI Larbert Pentecostal Church - Mililani

WAHIAWA Abundant Life UPC & School - Wahiawa

WAIPAHU Waipahu UPC - Waipahu

WAIANAE The Pentecostals of Waianae - Waianae

HONOLULU New Life Pentecostal - Honolulu






Gospel Lighthouse Church (IND) Post Falls


 Illinois Youth Ministries UPC

New Life Apostolic Church – Batavia – J. White – 630.557.9153

Full Gospel Church of Praise – Bloomington – D. Pierce – 309.826.1079

Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ Church – Carpentersville – J. Nava – 847.426.8890

Turning Pointe Apostolic Church – Coal City – I. Nelson – 815.342.0652

Bethel Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ – Hazelcrest – W. Wilson – 708.758.6370

First Apostolic Church – Hoopeston – K. Murry – 217.283.6250

New Life Tabernacle – Macon – E. Ginder - 217.454.2589

Apostolic House of Worship – Marion – R. Schierbaum – 618.995.2356

Apostolic Assembly – Mattoon – R. Veach – 217.234.4588

First Apostolic Church – Mount Carmel – P. McGee, Jr – 618.262.2487

First Apostolic Church – Sullivan – F. Farney – 217.728.8944

Family Worship Center – Vandalia – T. Zimmerman – 618.283.3323

New Hope Apostolic Church – Yorkville – J. Dixon – 630.553.9620



Apostolic Bible Church - The Pentecostals of Brownsburg

BOURBON Bourbon UPC - Bourbon

COEUR D’ALENE Coeur d'Alene Worship Center (UPCI) - Coeur d'Alene

GREENFIELD Faith Apostolic Church - Greenfield

SOUTH GIBSON South Gibson Apostolic Chapel-South Gibson

INDIANAPOLIS Calvary Tabernacle (UPC), Indianapolis

Mt. Zion Apostolic Church (PCAF) - Indianapolis

Friendship Apostolic Church - Indianapolis

Mount Bethel Apostolic Faith Church (PCAF)-Indianapolis, IN

MUNCIE Heritage Apostolic Tabernacle - Muncie

NAMPA Bible Pentecostal Church located-Nampa

NOBLESVILLE Calvary Apostolic Church - Noblesville

PEORIA First United Pentecostal Church of Peoria

RICHMOND Christ Tabernacle Apostolic Faith Church (PAW) - Richmond

SCHEREVILLE World of Pentecost Ministries-N.W. Indiana-Schereville

SPRINGVILLE Life Tabernacle (UPC) - Springville

First Pentecostal Church – Anderson- D. St Clair – 765.649.1806

Apostolic Faith Assembly – Bedford – K. Allen – 812.275.3437

Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ – Bloomington – J. Sears – 812.876.5557

Knightridge Pentecostal Church – Bloomington – T. Rhodes – 812.339.5680

Pentecostal Faith Assembly – Bloomington – M. Douglas – 812.336.4856

Shiloh Temple – Bloomington – R. Elkins – 812.824.9727

Soul’s Harbor Apostolic Church – Bloomington – D. Butcher – 812.824.2257

Souls Matter Apostolic Church - Bloomington – M. Strunk - 812.361.4880

Faith Apostolic Church – Carmel – M. Ball – 317.844.2185

New Life Apostolic Church – Columbus – R. Raines – 812.587.5036

New Life Apostolic Tabernacle – Crawfordsville – T. Gobin – 765.364.1628

Life Apostolic Tabernacle – Evansville – K. Davis – 812.868.8900

Turning Point Apostolic Church – Fort Branch – J. D. Mullins – 812.664.8050

First Pentecostal Church – Fort Wayne – L. White – 260.447.9414

The Apostolic Pentecostal Church – Goshen – M. Curton – 574.875.3220

The Faith Apostolic Lighthouse – Greentown – E. Hall – 765.628.3299

Blackwell Pentecostal Church – Heltonville – D. Bowlen – 812.327.1004

Apostolic Christian Church – Indianapolis – N. Cannon - 317.784.6315

Sure Foundation Apostolic Church – Indianapolis – D. Cole - 317.847.1747

Faith Tabernacle Church – Kokomo – D. Purvis – 765.459.3210

Greater Lighthouse Apostolic Church – Lafayette – S. Lee – 765.269.9700

Faith Apostolic Church – Marion – C. Hand, Jr – 765.662.8694

Grace Tabernacle – Martinsville – B. Colwell – 317.349.9603

Medora Pentecostal Church – Medora – T. Gill – 812.966.2175

First Apostolic Church – Mishawaka – 219.259.3993

Faith Pentecostal Chapel – Monticello – J. Wampler – 574.870.2211

Apostolic Faith Assembly – Mount Ayre – M. James – 219.394.2864

Heritage Apostolic Tabernacle – Muncie – Michael Perdue – 765.289.5401

Turning Point Life Center – New Castle – Matt Perdue – 765.599.3000

First Apostolic Church – North Vernon – J. Willis – 812.346.5980

Apostolic Chapel - Peru – J./S. Baines - 765.473.8340

Truth Tabernacle – Silver Lake – M. Robinson – 219.858.2410

Apostolic Faith Tabernacle – Sullivan – D. Scott – 812.268.0569

Truth Apostolic Church – Vevay – C.A. Wilks – 812.427.9924

Abundant Life Tabernacle – Wabash – T. Porter – 219.563.7367

Apostolic Church – Wabash – M. Parrish – 219.563.7010

Calvary Tabernacle – Warsaw - R. Maron - 574.551.4343

Victory Life – Westfield – R. Adams – 317.896.2266

Apostolic Lighthouse Church – Winamac – T. Goheen – 574.806.7901



DES MOINES Christ Apostolic Temple, Inc. Fellowship Organization (CATIF) -Des Moines

WATERLOO Apostolic Pentecostal Church (UPC) - Waterloo


New Life Apostolic Church – Des Moines – B. Williams – 515.252.0330

Morningstar Apostolic Church – Newton – K. Doland – 641.792.5873


Kansas District UPC---Church Directory

WICHITA First Pentecostal Church (UPC) - Wichita

OLATHE New Life Pentecostal Church (UPC) - Olathe



Lighthouse On The Rock – Topeka – C. Liskey - 785.266.2689

Kentucky District UPCI---Church Directory


Calvary Tabernacle (UPC)- Corbin

HOPKINSVILLE Life Tabernacle (UPC) - Hopkinsville

LEXINGTON United Apostolic Church International - Lexington

LOUISVILE House of Prayer Evangelical Ministries - Louisville, KY

Greater Bethel Temple Apostolic Church-Louisville

MCADREWS McVeigh United Pentecostal Church - McAndrews

VERSAILLES The House of Prayer-Versailles


First Apostolic Church – Bardstown – R. Tilley – 502.348.5256

Apostolic Pentecostal Church of the Living God – Bedford – B. Wade – 502.348.5256

Souls Harbor Pentecostal Church – Burlington – J. Clemons – 859.781.4646

Liberty Apostolic Church – Dry Ridge – D. Vaughn – 859.640.7062

Apostolic Community Church – Flemmingsburg – O. Rudd – 859.289.6940

Calvary Apostolic Church – Frankfort – T. Clark – 502.223.8771

First Apostolic Church – Jeffersontown – D. Nelson, II – 502.538.2508

Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ – Lexington – B. Puckett – 859.255.7045

Apostolic Faith Assembly – Louisville – S. Williamson – 502.961.0746

Greater Life Apostolic Church – Madisonville – T. Frederick – 270.821.2738

Church of God in Jesus Name – Phelps – O. Harris – 540.796.6089

Oneness Pentecostal Lighthouse – South Williamson – J. Looney – 606.237.4696





ALBANY Albany United Pentecostal Church (UPC)-Albany

ALEXANDRIA The Pentecostals of Alexandria (UPC)

BATON ROUGE First Pentecostal Church, Baton Rouge

Life Today Ministries - Baton Rouge

BOSSIER CITY The Pentecostals of Bossier City

New Life Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church-Bossier City

BOGALUSA New Life United Pentecostal Church (UPC) - Bogalusa

CALHOUN Souls Harbor United Pentecostal Church-Calhoun

CHURCH POINT The Church Point Pentecostals-Church Point

DENHAM SPRINGS First UPC - Denham Springs

DERIDDER Shady Grove United Pentecostal Church - DeRidder

FLORIEN Peason United Pentecostal Church (UPC) Florien

COVINGTON The Pentecostals of Lee Road - Covington

HAUGHTON Haughton United Pentecostal Church - Haughton

JENA Christ Temple Pentecostal Church - Jena

JENNINGS First Pentecostal Church of Jennings - Jennings

JEANERETTE Calvary Pentecostal Church - Jeanerette, LA

JONESVILLE Wallace Ridge Pentecostal Church-Jonesville

KILBOURNE Kilbourne United Pentecostal Church - Kilbourne

KINDER Kingsfarm United Pentecostal Church - Kinder

LAPLACE Living Way Church - UPC - La Place

LAKE CHARLES First Pentecostal Church - Lake Charles

First United Pentecostal Church - Lake Charles

Eastwood Pentecostal Church, -Lake Charles

Livingway Pentecostal Church- Lake Charles

LEESVILLE First United Pentecostal Church (UPC) - Leesville

LIVINGSTON First Pentecostal Of Livingston - Livingston

LONGVILLE Longville United Pentecostal Church (UPC) - Longville

MANDEVILLE Deliverance Tabernacle (UPC)-Mandeville

METAIRIE New Life Tabernacle (UPC)-Metairie

MONROE Christian Life Tabernacle (UPC) - Monroe

NEW RHOADS Grace United Pentecostal Church - New Roads

OAK GROVE First United Pentecostal Church of Oak Grove

RINGGOLD Ringgold United Pentecostal Church (UPC) - Ringgold

SHREVEPORT Calvary UPC - Shreveport

SLIDELL First Pentecostal Church of Slidell-Slidell

WALKER Walker Pentecostal Church - Walker

WESTLAKE First Pentecostal Church of Westlake

WINNSBORO Wayside Pentecostal Church - Winnsboro

Victory Lighthouse – Abbeville – D. Randall/J. Baudoin – 337.898.1322

Aimwell Pentecostal Church – Aimwell – K. Mayo – 318.992.1016

New Life Pentecostal Church – Aimwell – D. Poole – 318.992.4197

Voice of Pentecost – Baton Rouge – R. Martin – 225.262.1755

Anchor Tabernacle – Choudrant – R. Wise – 318.768.3015

Clayton Pentecostal Church – Clayton – M. Rushing – 318.757.6467

Victory Apostolic Church – Columbia – S. Thomas – 318.649.8582

First Apostolic Church – Denham Springs – B. Ritchey – 225.665.8123

New Beginnings Church – DeRidder – M. Wade – 337.527.6430

Pentecostal Worship Center – DeRidder – T. Magee – 337.462.1551

Ft Necessity Pentecostal Church – Enterprise – F. Townsend – 318.744.9473

Victory Tabernacle (Sunset) – Erath – L. Champagne – 318.937.5381

New Zion Pentecostal Church – Georgetown – T. Ewing - 318.827.9589

Apostolic Faith Chapel – Gilbert – V. Harris – 318.723.4707

Kendrick’s Ferry Pentecostal Church – Gilbert – R. Johnese – 318.724.6704

First Pentecostal Church of Gillis – Gillis – R. Buller – 337.855.1017

Meyers Bend Pentecostal Church – Harrisonburg – M. Johnson – 318.744.5607

New Hope Pentecostal Church – Harrisonburg – J. Hamilton – 318.403.0617

Pentecostal Faith Temple – Harrisonburg – C. Grantham – 318.339.7181

Rosin Creek Pentecostal Church – Harrisonburg – AJ Kimball – 318.724.6103

First Pentecostal Church – Jonesville – J. Knapp – 318.339.7389

Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church – Mangham – W. Nash – 318.248.2577

Apostolic Lighthouse Church – Minden – B. Mills – 318.377.2626

First Apostolic Church – Merryville – M. Russell – 337.825.6364

Jesus Apostolic Church – Monroe – W.P. Zeno – 318.340.9008

Bethel Pentecostal Church – Monroe – D. McKeithen/D. Mayo – 318.343.3560

Tower Apostolic Church – Mooringsport – R. Wise – 318.996.7484

New Life Apostolic Church – Port Allen – S. Carroll – 225.241.5170

First Apostolic Church – Roseland – D. Cutrer – 504.748.7577

Apostolics of Ascension – St. Amant – G. Henderson, Sr. – 225.644.0643

Victory Tabernacle – Sunset – L. Champagne – 337.662.3260

Urania Pentecostal Church - Urania – C. Hutto – 318.495.3922

The Potter’s House of Vivian – Vivian – C.V. Holley – 318.375.2943

The Pentecostals of Westlake – Westlake – K. Pate – 337.438.1206

Faith Chapel Pentecostal Church – West Monroe – R. Telano – 318.372.5155

Living Way Apostolic Church – West Monroe – N. Thornton – 318.387.3989

Victory Apostolic Church – Winnsboro- W. Smith – 318.435.6536



Maine District UPCI---Church Directory

BIDDEFORD First Apostolic Church - Biddeford

PORTLAND Faith Temple - Apostolic Pentecostal Church - Portand


BEATRICE Church Of The Promise (UPC) - Beatrice

GRAND ISLAND Calvary Apostolic - Grand Island

LINCOLN First United Pentecostal Church (UPC) - Lincoln

OMAHA Lighthouse United Pentecostal Church - Omaha


Apostolic Assembly – Grand Island – J. Edwards – 308.391.2000

Faith Community Tabernacle – Hastings – E. MacDonald – 402.461.6340




Broken Vessel Apostolic Church – Las Vegas – J. Norman – 702.215.6693

Turning Point Worship Center – Las Vegas – R. Jones – 702.218.1795


MANCHESTER Manchester United Pentecostal Church

Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ - Portsmouth - J. Bell - 603.436.5748


BORDENTOWN Calvary Tabernacle UPC-Bordentown

CATHEDRAL Greater Evangelistic Cathedral

JERSEY CITY Worldwide Pentecostal Church of Christ - Jersey City

Cornerstone Apostolic Church -Jersey City

UNION Cornerstone Apostolic Church - Union

VINELAND New Life Tabernacle - UPC- Vineland

WRIGHTSTOWN Calvary Tabernacle (UPC) - Wrightstown

Christ Apostolic Temple – Pennsauken – S. Lewis – 856.486.1100

New Mexico


Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ – Carlsbad – M. Bingham – 505.887.6002



New York District UPCI---Church Directory

NEW YORK Maranatha Ministries (UPC)

BRONX Holy Temple Church of The Lord Jesus Christ of The Apostolic Faith - Bronx

BUFFALO Greater Refuge Temple of Christ (COOLJC) - Buffalo

JAMESTOWN Faith Assembly (UPC) - Jamestown

LONG ISLAND Pillar of Truth Church of the Apostolic Faith, Manorville, Long Island

MIDDLETOWN Greater Upperroom Apostolic Faith Church -- Middletown

OYSTER BAY Bethel United Pentecostal Church (UPC) - Oyster Bay


Abundant Life Ministries – Almond – E. Hasper– 607.276.6201

Apostolic Lighthouse Church – Bridgeport – E. Dayton – 315.687.7420

Amazing Grace Apostolic Faith Church – Newburgh – L. Leighton – 845.561.1429

Greater Oneida Apostolic Church – Oneida – R. Van Dyke, Jr. – 315.363.2894

Souls Harbor Church – Utica – J. Smellie – 315.732.0048

North Carolina 

North Carolina District UPCI---Church Directory

ASHEBORO First Apostolic Church (ALJC) - Asheboro

BURLINGTON Refuge Temple Church - Burlington

United Pentecostal Church of Burlington

CAMDEN Guiding light Apostolic Church of Christ - Camden

CHARLOTTE Open Hands Pentecostal Ministries, Inc. - Charlotte

First United Pentecostal Church (UPC) - Charlotte

CHERRYVILLE Living Word Ministries - Cherryville

CONCORD New Life Apostolic Church Of Jesus Christ (ALJC) - Concord

New Cornerstone Ministry -- Concord

CONRAD New Cornerstone Ministry (PAW) - Conrad

DURHAM United Pentecostal Church - Durham

Greater Emmanuel Pentecostal Temple (PAW) - Durham

JACKSONVILLE Christ Temple Apostolic Church (PAW) - Jacksonville

Victory Cathedral Church of the Apostolic Faith (IND) - Jacksonville

Jacksonville UPC - Jacksonville

MEBANE Holy Church of Christ (IND) - Mebane

NEWLAND The Church of Jesus Christ (ALJC) - Newland

ROCKY MOUNT The First United Pentecostal Church - Rocky Mount

SALISBURY Cornerstone Church (UPC) - Salisbury

WASHINGTON New Life UPC- Washington

WILSON Victory United Pentecostal Church - Wilson

WINSTON SALEM Christ Temple Apostolic Church - Winston-Salem

Power House of Israel Apostolic Church of God - Winston-Salem


Calvary Pentecostal Church – Asheboro – J. Ellis – 336.626.4585

Kingdom Crusaders Apostolic Church – Asheville – C.A. McMillan – 828.215.6366

Church of the Lord Jesus Christ – Bakersville – C. McCoury - 828.688.3667

The Apostolics of Boone – Boone – T. Carver – 828.297.6470

Covenant Life Sanctuary – Butner – D. Akers – 919.575.8800

New Life Church Of Jesus Christ – Concord – L. Whitson – 704.793.9055

Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ – Eden – N.D. Hall – 336.280.0440

Pentecostal Lighthouse – Elm City – S. Garnett – 252.237.5353

Heavenly Dove Tabernacle of the Apostolic Faith - Hickory – D. Christie - 828.323.1937

New Vision Ministry – Laurinburg – S. Walters – 910.277.9131

First Apostolic Church – Morganton – D. Baker – 828.437.8380

New Life Pentecostal Church – Mt. Airy – G. Timmons – 910.789.0515

Apostolic Pentecostal Church – Nashville – M. Matherly – 252.462.0375

The Church of Jesus Christ – Newland – D. Atkins – 828.733.3821

Harvest Church – Raleigh – J. Brantley – 919.862.9426

Turning Point Pentecostal Church – Red Cross – C. Davis – 704.970.7559

First Apostolic Church - Sanford – G. Akers, Jr. – 919.776.4526

Spirit Of Pentecost – Shallotte – T. Pless – 910.754.3846

First Apostolic Church – Southport – V. Kelly – 910.457.5845

Faith Apostolic Church – Whiteville – J. Guyton – 910.640.1549

Apostolic Tabernacle Church – Wilmington – L. Logue – 910.763.3762



AKRON Akron Apostolic Temple of the (APBAF)-Akron

BARBERTON Apostolic Church Of Barberton (ALJC) - Barberton

BEDFORD Bedford United Pentecostal Church

CINCINNATI Bethel No.2 Apostolic Pentecostal Church - Cincinnati

Covenant Apostolic Church (ALJC) - Cincinnati

COLUMBUS Living Faith Apostolic Church (PAW) - Columbus


Crossroads Christian Center Apostolic Church-Dayton

MANSFIELD Apostolic Faith Assembly (ALJC) - Mansfield

MARIETTA New Life Church (UPC) - Marietta

MILFORD Christian Apostolic Church (UPC) - Milford

NAPOLEAN Apostolic Christian Center (UPC) - Napolean

NEW PHILADELPHIA Christian Lighthouse Church - New Philadelphia

OBERLIN Christ Temple Apostolic Church (PAW) - Oberlin

PARMA First United Pentecostal Church (UPC) - Parma

SANDUSKY New Life Church - Sandusky

YOUNGSTOWN Mount Calvary Pentecostal Church (PAW) - Youngstown


Apostolic Church of Akron – Akron – C. Wright, Jr – 330.784.8554

Calvary Apostolic Church – Akron – N. Carter – 330.745.7248

Solid Rock Apostolic Church – Arcanum – M. O’Shell- 937.718.0351

Apostolic Church Of Barberton – Barberton – N. Pamer- 330.745.5550

Bellefontaine Apostolic Temple – Bellefontaine – T. Coy – 937.585.4452

Apostolic Church of Brunswick - Brunswick – J. Clark – 330.220.6898

Calvary Apostolic Tabernacle – Cambridge – A. Dudley – 740.439.1599

Heaven’s Edge Apostolic Church – Carrollton – W. Grimes – 330.627.7079

Cornerstone Church – Chillicothe – J. Ferguson – 740.773.6419

Apostolic Lighthouse Church – Columbus – D. Rollins – 614.445.7744

Light Street Apostolic Church – Dayton – W. Rhinehart Jr/Sr – 937.461.0992

New Covenant Apostolic Church – Dayton – T. Hawkins – 937.262.3100

New Life Worship Center – Dayton – T. Friend/R.Coleman – 937.898.5767

Pentecostal Apostolic Church – Dayton – J. Roberts – 937.275.1392

The Way Christian Church – Dundee – J. Jones – 330.440.3358

Calvary Apostolic Church – Elyria – A. Westmoreland – 440.322.1GOD

Faith Apostolic Church – Fairborn – R. Smith - 937.673.4403

Apostolic Tabernacle - Galion – R. Rogers – 419.571.9120

Potter’s Wheel Pentecostals of Gallipolis – Gallipolis – S. Nibert, Sr - 740.416.1534

Harvestime Apostolic Temple – Hartville – R. Smith – 330.877.6544

Christian Life Center – Heath – J. Kirk/T. Kirk – 740.323.1353

Abundant Life Apostolic Church – Heath – T. Friend – 740.323.3100

Rock of Life of the Apostolic Faith Church – Hillsboro – C. Whitt – 937.393.1546

Pentecostal Memorial Chapel – Lewisville – C. Roberts – 740.567.3497

New Hope Lighthouse – La Grange – C. Dummitt – 440.355.5418

Apostolic Faith Assembly – Mansfield – R. O’Brian – 419.529.9857

Lighthouse Apostolic Church – Marysville – L. Wagner – 937.642.9899

Christian Lighthouse Church – New Philadelphia – K. Hall – 330.339.5999

Living Word Tabernacle – Newark – D. Cozad – 740.928.0250

Family Life Center – Niles – G. Johnson – 216.652.7840

Piqua Apostolic Temple – Piqua – D. Hathaway – 937.773.8627

Apostolic Gospel Church – Portsmouth – R. Coffey III – 740.354.1108

New Life Family Worship Center – Portsmouth – M. Gifford – 740.776.3283

Sidney Apostolic Temple – Sidney – M. Hina/R. Fries – 937.492.7456

Apostolic Pentecostal Church – St. Clairsville - D. Nelson- 740.546.4241

Apostolic Gospel Church – Steubenville – R. Wood – 740.282.4204

Life Ministry – Troy – R. Workman – 937.339.8624

New Life Tabernacle - Warren – J. Click – 330.898.6041

Potter’s Wheel Pentecostals of Waverly – Waverly – S. Nibert, Jr. – 740.222.0044

Bethel Apostolic Outreach – Wellston – M.Jadrnicek – 740.384.5483

Wooster Apostolic Pentecostal Church – Wooster – G. Compton – 330.825.6472

The Apostolics of Xenia – Xenia – V. Vera – 937.431.1404

Xenia Christ Temple – Xenia – R. Frum – 937.376.2471

Yellow Springs Apostolic Church – Yellow Springs – M. Koogler – 937.275.4773

The Pentecostals of Zanesville – Zanesville – K. Hopkins – 740.297.0381



ARDMORE Victory Assembly (ALJC) - Ardmore

BARTLESVILLE Truth Tabernacle UPC - Bartlesville

CLEVELAND Cleveland UPC - Cleveland

LAWTON Lawton First UPC-Lawton

OKLAHOMA CITY Greater First Deliverance Temple (PAW) - Oklahoma City

Turning Point Church - Oklahoma City

OWASSO United Pentecostal Church - Owasso


TULSA Life Tabernacle-UPC-Tulsa

New Life Pentecostal Church (UPC) - Tulsa

Grace Apostolic Church (PAW) - Tulsa

WILBURTON Apostolic Church of the Rock (ALJC) - Wilburton


Apostolic Tabernacle – Ardmore – C. Gray – 580.223.9656

The Lighthouse of Colbert – Colbert – J. Beshirs – 903.821.7361

Grace Chapel Pentecostal Church – Duncan – E. Jackson – 580.252.7655

Victory Tabernacle – Durant – D. Pair – 580.924.0179

The Pentecostals of Lawton – Lawton/Ft. Sill – K. Bradley – 580.581.1936

Christ Tabernacle – Marietta – R. Carroll – 580.276.3458

Life Tabernacle – Moore – L. Poole – 405.794.0429

My Father’s House Pentecostal Church – Okmulgee – J. Thiel – 918.759.2259

Lighthouse Outreach Center – Schulter – R. Standridge – 918.652.5325

New Song Apostolic Church – Tulsa – C.E. Hancock – 918.234.6255

Apostolic Church of the Rock – Wilburton – S. Taylor – 918.465.0146

Apostolic Believers Tabernacle – Woodward – G.C. Popp – 580.994.6088

New Beginnings Assembly – Woodward – G. Jones – 602.300.0422

First Pentecostal Church – Yukon – C. Green – 405.354.3388


MEDFORD Truth Tabernacle (UPC) - Medford



DARBY Christ Haven Pentecostal Church-(WAR)-Darby

EASTON New Life United Pentecostal Church - Easton

FRANKLIN Abundant Life Fellowship - Franklin

KENNETT SQUARE Christ Temple Church (PAW) - Kennett Square

LEWISBURG United Pentecostal Church Of Lewisburg

PHILADELPHIA Highway Temple Of Deliverance Apostolic Church-Phildaelphia

Mt. Moriah Apostolic Church (P.A.W)-Philadelphia

First Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ of The Apostolic Faith - Phildaelphia

The Church of The Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith - Philadelphia

SMITHFIELD New Life Worship Center (IND) - Smithfield


Apostolic Church of Oxford – Oxford – J. Gullion – 610.932.0977

Jesus Name Apostolic Church – Philadelphia – D. Miller, Jr. – 215.634.0656

Pittsburgh Apostolic Assembly – Pittsburgh – N. Blizzard – 412.894.8737



Burrillville Apostolic Church – Harrisville – L. Lindsay – 508.384.2061

Church Of The Lord Jesus Christ – Cumberland – M. Warren – 401.658.2748

South Carolina

CHARLESTON World Harvest Ministries of Charleston (UPC) - Charleston

COLUMBIA Bible Way Church of Atlas Road (BWWW) - Columbia

New Covenant Assembly Of The Apostolic Faith - (PAW) - Columbia

GREENWOOD First Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ (UPC) Greenwood

FLORENCE The First United Pentecostal Church of Florence - Florence

ISLANDTON Lively Stone Temple Ministries - Islandton

ROCK HILL Rock Hill United Pentecostal Church - Rock Hill

INMAN Greater Bible Way Tabernacle Miracle Temple of Inman


Goodhope Apostolic Church – Conway – W. Richardson – 803.365.6149

Christ Apostolic Church – Darlington – J. Carroll – 843.393.0908

Safe Harbor Apostolic Church – Lexington – C. Krewson – 803.794.4552

First Apostolic Church – Myrtle Beach – V. Kelly – 803.236.1101


ANCHORAGE Anchorage Pentecostal Tabernacle (UPC) - Anchorage

Greater Anchorage Pentecostal Church-Anchorage


SALT LAKE CITY First Apostolic Church of Salt Lake City - Salt Lake City





HAMPTON Christ Church Ministries-Hampton

VIRGINIA BEACH CORNERSTONE City of Refuge Ministries-Virginia Beach


Fairview Church of Jesus Christ – Blackwater – J. Lovelace – 423.384.0727

Pentecostal Powerhouse – Gate City – D. Williams – 276.452.2684

Stateline Apostolic Church – Pound – B. Hogg – 276.796.6089

Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ – Richmond – B. Roberts – 804.233.6031


AUBURN Grace And Truth Apostolic Ministries-Auburn

PUYALLUP New Life Pentecostal Church (UPC) - Puyallup



RICHLAND United Pentecostal Church-Richland

TACOMA Tacoma United Pentecostal Church - Tacoma


Lighthouse Faith Assembly – Aberdeen – D. Varnadore, Jr.- 360.533.1111

Landmark Apostolic – Montesano – C. O’Daniel – 360.249.3500

West Virginia 

The Pentecostal Tabernacle In Jesus Name - Edgarton

Family Life Ministries (IND) - Keyser

The Pentecostal Tabernacle In Jesus Name - Thacker

Crossroads Apostolic Church – Bradley – J. Miller – 304.877.3435

Keystone Apostolic Church - Charleston – G. Johnson – 304.342.5175

House of Prayer – Charmco – D. Chrisman – 304.438.9228

House of the Lord Jesus Christ – Clarksburg – P. Glaspell – 304.782.4158

Davisville Community Chapel – Davisville – R. Seebaugh – 304.865.5877

Pentecostal Lighthouse – Fairmount – J. Abersold – 304.363.1200

Spreading Truth Ministries – Parkersburg – R. Tisdale 304.485.6654

Oneness Pentecostal Lighthouse – Red Jacket – J. Looney – 606.237.4696

Full Gospel Church of the Apostolic Faith – Wellsburg – D. Colvin – 304.723.0732

The River – Williamson – J. Robinette - 304.928.4177


APPLETON Apostolic Truth Church (UPC) - Appleton

MARSHFIELD New Life Christian Church (ALJC) - Marshfield

MILWAUKEE Elim Tabernacle - Milwaukee

NEENAH Christian Life Center (UPC) - Neenah

WISCONSIN RAPIDS Abundant Life Tabernacle (UPCI) Wisconsin Rapids


Apostolic Churches Outside USA (89)


Birmingham The Chapel, Loveday St, Birmingham, B4
 160 Hockley Hill, Hockley, Birmingham, B18 5AN

London Ilford Pastor Fred Plumb meets in Salvation Army hall Clements Rd., Ilford Sat 5:00 PM
London Battersea Life Tabernacle UPC 32 Battersea Park Rd, 2 bl from train station
London Calvary Temple Councillor Street, London Tel. 020 7701 1658
High Wycombe 1-2 Leigh Street, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP11 2QU Tel.07853375735 or 09920546419
Oxford Meets in Summertown URC, 294A Banbury Road, Summertown, Oxford, OX2 7HN
Meets All Saints Church Hall, New High Street, Headington, Oxford, OX3 7AL



Edinburg Friendly Society Hall, Drum Street, Gilmerton, Edinburgh, 07897217452

Glasgow Strathclyde 179 Shettleston Road Parkhead,Strathclyde G315JL Tel. 0141-554-4826
Falkirk 179 Shettleston Road, Parkhead, Glasgow, G31 5JL. 01415544826


Cardiff 1 Merches Place, Grangetown, Cardiff, CF11 6RD 07984151419